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I write about my dreams because I remember them. Some are complete nonsense and barely memorable, but some are significantly vivid that it's mesmerizing. And because of that I'd like to share them with the world.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Whats that number again?

"Hi can I use you're telephone?" I asked and the man lazying around on his recliner turned to me and nodded without a word. Where was I? I seem to always get lost. I was in a gas station but much more like a car repair shop. I turned toward the dial. Okay. So it was 224-998-7373, that was the number of my mother who could probably find me and pick me up from this car repair shop/ gas station. I started dialing. 
Hmm.. nobody is picking up, maybe I dialed the wrong number. 
No. It's 7373! Let's try that again.
Wait no, its 7373!! Okay redial. 
NO ITS 7373!!!!!!!!!! AGH. 
There I wake up with the frustration of never knowing if I put in the last number right. Probably the most frustrating dream to deal with. I've tried to look into why this occurs but I couldn't get much of anything except that the fact that I cannot reach the person because I feel some distance between them. So, I guess that could be one possibility. But there really wasn't an answer anywhere about this so my own self interpretation would be: I'm crazy because I'm the only person who has these dreams, whomever I'm trying to reach is avoiding me, I subconsciously or maybe consciously don't really want to talk to this person, or, maybe I just have a terrible memory when it comes to dialing other people's phone numbers when I'm lost at a gas station. Or maybe all of these are correct. Who knows. I'll just try to remember to bring a phone book when the time comes.

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  1. I've never had a dream about not being able to dial the right number, but I do have dreams where when I wake up I'm still feeling the same emotions as the one I had in my dream. Like how you felt frustrated when you woke up because you were frustrated in the dream. Some dreams where I feel sad and was crying in the dream I've woken up and my eyes were watery. Or when I was dreaming I felt panicked and woke up feeling panicked. I think it's interesting to see how our bodies react to our dreams. You'd think that some part of you would realize that you're dreaming but I almost feel like your body reacts in similar ways during dreams as when you are awake. We don't necessarily run out of our beds when we're running in dreams but you do feel your heart racing afterwards. I just think the connection of dreams to reality is interesting and something people should look into.