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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I think the majority of the people who would read my blog would have seen the movie Inception, and if not, you should because it's one of my favorite movies besides Shutter Island, August Rush, any "Pixar" movie, Push, 21, or really any of the Harry Potter movies, but I'm not here to advertise. (However, if you have not read Harry Potter or watched any of the movies. You better. There is no reasoning necessary. In fact, watch all of these movies but make sure to get an "okay" from your parents if you are under 18...just saying.) But anyway, Inception is about a guy (Leonardo Di Caprio) who lives in a world where they have the technology to go inside of other people's dreams and to create their own dreams thereby planting an idea inside somebody's head, thus, "Inception". Hopefully, our technology doesn't get that advanced because that would be down right creepy (but if you want creepy, watch Shutter Island...now that's really creepy), but it seems like our technology is getting so advanced that we are getting around the inception idea. However, we can, as of now, see people's dreams and even record them. The scientists' justification is: to help people remember their dreams. But I think they're crazy, psychotic, nosy people.  
I was very uneasy when I read this article because it almost seemed like an invasion of privacy. And I don't really have much to hide living a fairly simple life, but I thought it would be intriguing to share. Not only did the article talk about how psychiatrists in Germany have discovered a way to read "lucid" dreams but they mentioned how this was a "step up" from being able to read people's minds while they're awake. 
So let's get this straight, we already have the technology to read each other's minds? Maybe this isn't new to everyone but this is a breaking news to me. By doing MRI's and near-infrared spectroscopy, they could monitor heat patterns in the brain allowing to put together the images that people saw when they dreamed. Because the activity in the dreaming brain - with the hot and cold parts - were the same of an awake person, scientists can match the activities to understand what the dreamer is doing/seeing in the dream. 

Those in the University of California, Berkeley found a way to track the blood flow through the brain's visual cortex in order to recreate images in the mind. The article has a few examples of how the do this process. 
I really don't know what to think of this, whether it is an incredible advancement in technology or a just a messed up way that now gives us the opportunity to look into each others minds. If anybody has seen Inception, they know how that can be a problem. 
Here's just one video that is a couple of years old of how the Japanese were able to do this but a lower level. Now I wonder how much farther they have gotten in this project: 
I guess thinking about it is kind of cool but in a weird way. It wouldn't matter to me too much if my dreams were sketchily scanned by an unknown source, however I think I would notice going into a huge, white MRI tunnel, because well, I already share my dreams publicly. However I don't think the world would be as ecstatic. But who knows, maybe the people in the video are right and this will be a new form of communication. Maybe this will be the new Facebook. 
Yeah. But then again, as ifNobody tops Mark Zuckerburg. 
That's just life. 

(Oh and for some reason blogger decided to highlight my blog. Kinda special, but I don't know how to get rid of it so it will be a nice change.)

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