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I write about my dreams because I remember them. Some are complete nonsense and barely memorable, but some are significantly vivid that it's mesmerizing. And because of that I'd like to share them with the world.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Whats that number again?

"Hi can I use you're telephone?" I asked and the man lazying around on his recliner turned to me and nodded without a word. Where was I? I seem to always get lost. I was in a gas station but much more like a car repair shop. I turned toward the dial. Okay. So it was 224-998-7373, that was the number of my mother who could probably find me and pick me up from this car repair shop/ gas station. I started dialing. 
Hmm.. nobody is picking up, maybe I dialed the wrong number. 
No. It's 7373! Let's try that again.
Wait no, its 7373!! Okay redial. 
NO ITS 7373!!!!!!!!!! AGH. 
There I wake up with the frustration of never knowing if I put in the last number right. Probably the most frustrating dream to deal with. I've tried to look into why this occurs but I couldn't get much of anything except that the fact that I cannot reach the person because I feel some distance between them. So, I guess that could be one possibility. But there really wasn't an answer anywhere about this so my own self interpretation would be: I'm crazy because I'm the only person who has these dreams, whomever I'm trying to reach is avoiding me, I subconsciously or maybe consciously don't really want to talk to this person, or, maybe I just have a terrible memory when it comes to dialing other people's phone numbers when I'm lost at a gas station. Or maybe all of these are correct. Who knows. I'll just try to remember to bring a phone book when the time comes.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Darn that Insomnia

Whenever I'm not dreaming or during flu season, sleeping, completely unconscious due to some sketchy, probably expired, cough syrup medication, I have these dreaded moments of insomnia. During these times I am usually sitting in bed staring at the ceiling  at the scratches of paint, or the word gullible I etched on when I was seven and sometimes just the blank, white surface. After counting up a billion sheep I turn over to the side and watch the numbers on my clock roll.
Then there are those crazy people who turn to me saying I should just take some sleeping pills and go on my merry way but i don't think it's smart to follow crazy people. So, I decided to research this annoying but yet phenomenal irritation that is insomnia. 

Insomnia is in fact very common and some of the reasons for it are easily preventable. It's not a disease, so for those who have it, don't worry but a habit that can be changed. Chronic insomnia should be taken care of and checked by a doctor of some sort. (a sleeping doctor?) to help with some of the symptoms that are causing the lack of sleep. But most of the time, insomnia is caused by stress or anxiety, physical health and the Starbucks frappuccino you had an hour before you went to bed. Personally the stress of school would be the cause of my insomnia and maybe the Starbucks but a simple switch in what you do before you fall asleep such as relaxing verses studying before sleeping or saving the coffee for the morning can cure the hours long wait of trying to fall asleep. 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Looking at the Nightmare in the Eye

It was nighttime, the sky was pitch black and I was alone in the city. I had become lost and wandering for hours since I had no contact with anyone. 
Unexpectedly, a man was standing in front of me twirling his knife around his fingers just a couple yards away, and I of course I couldn’t fight him off after my tired muscles had been working all day. I began to run, but something pulled me back.
At that moment a girl walked up to me, she started to talk but I was deaf to her voice focusing on the stranger in front of me while walking backwards. When my mind slipped off the monster ahead of me, I heard her yell, “RUN!”
I ran for my life, around the corner of the block, to an old school building still standing though it had been abandoned for years. I pulled the girl into the building noticing a white light still on in a classroom. There were people there. There were ten children sitting in a circle clapping and playing childish hand games. I dashed into the classroom, locking the door shut, pulling down the blinds and turning off the lights I whispered to the teacher to quiet down her children. She nodded at me and that's when I noticed she didn't have a face. It was a blank head that stared at me, no eyes or mouth. The kids all turned around with the same blank pale faces pointing toward me.
The man outside the classroom shouted and screamed. He slammed on the door handle with whatever he had been holding and broke the lock. He ran into the room and brought his knife to my neck - 
I flipped my eyes open to see the darkness that my pillow had fallen on the ground due to my wild tossing, and the alarm clock blinked 2:00 a.m. I knew that it was all a dream though my nerves prevented me to going back to sleep. 


I think I had my first nightmare when I was seven years old. That being I may have had one when I was younger but I'm not very aware of really anything before the age of six. My first nightmare didn't have to do with anybody chasing after me, or anyone threatening my life, but it happened when my sister was devoured by a car. Yes, a car. But then again, I was six, so you have to understand that my creativity at that point only ranged from so far. The dream I just shared with you today was a dream I had when I was in seventh grade, and I know when I have these dreams because, nightmares stick to you. It's a moment of sudden shock where you're sweating and shaking in your bed and you're clinging to your blankets because you don't want to fall asleep back into that same dream. Or if you're like me, and you know who you are, you crawl into your older sister's bed because you know she'd protect you if anything happened. Well that is the intent, at least. 
Nightmares are dreams where your subconscious is telling you that basically you need to take care of something. It is usually the cause of a real life trauma or situation. This sounds familiar to the reason that we have those pest dreams that I wrote about earlier. However, this time in stead of it being an annoyance, usually a nightmare symbolizes you trying to escape a fear. Sure insects are fears but they are more nuisances, nightmares and homicidal mass murderers chasing you primarily, well should, fall under the category as fear. 
I spent the other day lounging around reading next to my cat who was sleeping peacefully on my lap. In a sudden second she flinched violently and woke up looking at me. Nightmare? I really have don't know what it was, but hey it can happen to anyone!


Now, my sister is off to college, so I've only got one solution. Face it myself. I don't get many nightmares anymore, maybe that's a sign of confidence which I doubt. A wonderful site explained how to escape nightmares besides lucidly dreaming, which is where you control your own dreams, but to confront the monster. I'm not sure how well this would work but maybe. However if you're like me, and don't have the nerve to turn to a horrific serial killer and saying "hey can you stop?", then just hope you'll wake up soon. Besides, maybe all that exhilaration is good for your cardiovascular system or something.  


Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Thing about Pests.

I was in a different house. I didn’t like the comfort of the bed and I was pretty sure there was something off about the room. I was sleeping, nonetheless, in the old sheets and the scratchy, cheap blanket that I was offered. Well, the only one I was offered. It felt strange, the room. Something about it made my skin crawl and I had a feeling I knew why. In almost an instant there came the stampede. Hundreds of thousands of mice, rats, and spiders started pouring out from every part of the room. They were spilling out of the unlit fireplace, pushing their way through the cracks under and behind the dresser, shifting out from under my bed, and worst of all, scattered out from under my covers.

Now, I know that many adults would say that I am lucky to have dreams, nonetheless remember them because they claim that they're incapable of creating an entirely different world beyond the one that they live in. But when my dreams are no longer letting me sit in a field full of candy or ice cream, the opportunity begins to be, a nuisance.
Whatever it is: spiders, rodents, beetles, bees, flies, ants; the sight of pests in our dreams will often make us 
shriek, cringe and possibly faint, if that’s possible. And as uncomfortable as the sight is, there is a reason for the torture that is tarantulas spiraling up your spine. Something or someone is causing you annoyance. A large quantity of pests engorging you can be an annoyance to which you are on the verge of going crazy. A large singular pest usually means that an annoyance is so complicated that in order to resolve it, there would have to be a sacrifice. And, all that screaming and hopping around just proves that you’re too afraid to face your problems!

Now, let me be the first to express that when I am sleeping I do not need to be reminded of my problems that I’m initially trying to escape by sleeping! So, next time you find a fly in your mouth, a slug in your eyebrow, or a black widow circling your navel, squash the darn thing and face your fears! No more annoyances for you and you can go back to the wonderful world of eating cotton candy and bathing in a tub of hot chocolate.
This is the basis of bug interpretation, for specific bug invasions check out this link! http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamthemes/bugs.htm (don't take these interpretations seriously as some or even most may be completely untrue, however it is an interesting way to see and compare!)